Selecting An Agent

Selecting an Agent is probably one of the most important things you can do.

Importance Of A Real Estate Agent Having Good Negotiating Skills

As consumers, we are certainly a strange bunch. Before going on vacation to a new destination, we’ll go over every single review site and hunt high and low for the best deal. We’ll plan each day out to the minute and stick to our itineraries just to ensure nothing is missed. Prior to purchasing a new television, we’ll do much the same--go over all the customer reviews, compare models, and of course, hunt for the best price.

When it comes to buying or selling a home, we let our guard down. Choosing the right real estate agent is imperative to getting the best deal, whether buying or selling. It’s not just knowledge of the local market, and, a great presentation, but negotiating skills. Simply put, the more deals an agent brokers successfully each year, the more he or she demonstrates his or her ability to get things done.

It’s true, you need an agent that is intimately familiar with the local market, understands the buying and selling processes, and, is able to get deals to the closing table with both sides coming and leaving happy. You can’t go with an agent because of style, their presentation, or ability to impress with statistics. You do, however, need an agent, that can clearly show you a track record of success. That necessarily includes good negotiating skills, and here are some reasons this is so important:

● You want an agent that is about you, not them. Sure, a good agent will broker a better deal for you, which means a bigger commission for him or her, but, that’s a win-win scenario. You also want a real estate agent that won’t back down, to the other party, or, even to you. A truly helpful agent won’t let you make a bad decision without ample warning.

You don’t know who is on the other side of the table. Personalities and business skills come in all shapes and sizes. If your agent is skillful at striking a good deal, you have a friend that’s looking out for your best interest and not letting you walk into a bad deal unknowingly.

● You should be able to put a trustworthy person between you and the other party. Good negotiators not only know how to play the game, and, do so without you being involved in every conversation. Both selling and buying are emotional traps, and, a good agent treats it as a business transaction.

Remember, it isn’t always about getting the ideal price, in some instances, you come out better through contingencies.

What’s happening in the local real estate market? Depending on where you live, the market momentum and fluctuations will differ. While in general much of a particular county can be hot, it is possible for pockets to be less active. Your neighborhood is the best place to start.

Additionally, understand the real estate market changes fluidly. With the help of an experienced real estate professional, you’ll be alerted to current trends, as well as possible changes.