3 Common Home Fixes to Prep for Summer

Photo by Pexels

When the daylight starts sticking it out just a little bit longer and our clocks spring forward an hour, many of us begin to think of summer vacations or stay-cations, outdoor weekend activities and spending more time at the gym to get in shape. What we may not think about — but is equally important — is how to get our homes ready for the warmer months.

Sometimes homeowners really need a professional to help with major repairs, but there are minor maintenance tasks for summer prep that many people can handle themselves. If you want to get your home ready for summer, then check out these three common maintenance areas you might be able to tackle with some simple tools and a little sweat equity.

Keep your air conditioner cool

Few things are more annoying than finding out — on the first day of summer — that your air conditioning isn’t working. In certain climates and temperatures, that irritating inconvenience can quickly turn into an emergency situation. That’s why it’s crucial to keep up with your HVAC maintenance year-round. First, be sure to keep your air filter clean and changed out every two to three months. A dirty filter can lead to other, more costly, repairs, like a broken coil. You don’t need to rely on a repair service to change the filter, which is an easy task. However, it’s important to research filters and find one that is the right size and style for your specific system. If you’ve already been on top of your filter needs and the air flow still seems stagnant or warm, it’s best to reach out to an HVAC professional. Heating and cooling systems are very complex; a professional can address the problem and provide a sustainable and quick solution.

Be on the lookout for winter water damage

Winter weather can be extremely wet in certain climates. From cold, heavy rains to inches or feet of snow, good summer prep means taking stock of potential water damage, both inside and outside of the house. First, take a look for cracks and leaks in the inside and outside trim around your windows and doors. Often you can fix these quickly and simply by sealing the leakages with caulk and a caulk gun. Next, inspect your basement and crawl spaces for any water damage. These damp, dark places can be happy homes to mold and mildew, which can cause many illnesses, especially for chronic allergy sufferers. You can clean mold and mildew with a bleach solution, but if signs show there is deeper damage, consider relying on the insight from a professional inspection.

Step up your curb appeal game

Summer is a time for cookouts and yard games, but you and your family won’t be the only ones taking advantage of the great outdoors. During the summer, everything grows and glows, from grass to shrubs to bugs. Lawn maintenance is one of the most important summer prep tasks homeowners can prioritize. An easy one to start with is cleaning your gutters. Be sure to remove leaves and other debris to keep the flow of water free and clear. You may also want to trim your trees and shrubs now so you can direct their growth and enhance their foliage. For those who live in buggy areas, you can prep your lawn and the outside of your home to repel bugs, which is especially important for families with kids and pets who want to avoid fleas, ticks and bee stings.

Summer is a time for adventure and relaxation. Updating up your property now empowers you to enjoy the next few months with fewer worries and more ease. Tackling a few basic maintenance tasks now can save you a lot of money for the next few months — and even years — to come.